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Brief  Intro. of Eyewear Development History
       China was the first country to invent the glasses, with thousands of years of history of using
magnifying glass & glasses. The story goes- ancient Chinese empire used optical lens to do
astronomical observation. According to record of the book of history, Chinese had already
began to use crystal eyewear since 2000 BC, China had already defined sorts of ophthalmic
disease & implemented related medical practice since Shan dynasty.  

The history of China Eyewear development can be phased in several stages as below:
1. The legend period (the Yellow Emperor Times- Western Han Dynasty)
    2600 B.C. ~ A.D. 9.
2. Monocle period (the Eastern Han- Northern Song Dynasty)
   A.D. 25 ~ A.D. 1127.
3.Glasses Double Lens without Leg Period (the Southern Song, Yuan, Qing Dynasty)
   A.D. 1127 ~ A.D. 1368.

4.Glasses Double Lens with straight legs Period (the Ming—Qing Dynasty)
   A.D. 1368 ~ A.D. 1644.

5.Glasses Double Lens with bended legs Period (the Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China,
   Modern Times)
   Since A.D. 1644.

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